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A psychiatric consultation is the starting point on your journey to better mental health, whatever disorder is affecting you. If you're considering getting treatment for a mental health disorder, the team at IC Health Services Inc. in Maryland can help. In addition to their experience and expertise, the team offers compassion and understanding to patients attending psychiatric consultations at their locations in Pikesville and Frederick. Call the office nearest you to schedule an in-person or telehealth consultation, or book an appointment online today.

Psychiatric Consultation Q&A

What is a psychiatric consultation?

A psychiatric consultation is a meeting between you and your provider to discuss your mental health issues and what you hope to achieve from your treatment.

It's important for your provider to have a good understanding of your current symptoms as well as all the influences on your mental health, which among others can include:

  • Childhood experiences
  • Home environments
  • Work and career
  • Family
  • Support systems
  • Social life
  • Other health problems
  • Causes of stress

Finding out about all these aspects of your life gives your provider vital insights into the underlying causes of your condition.

She also asks you about the effects your condition is having on your life and how you would like that to change. It might seem scary or overwhelming to face these questions; indeed, many patients find it takes so much mental effort to attend such a meeting, they get stuck for words during the consultation.

Try not to worry about your mind going blank at your psychiatric consultation or finding yourself crying. Your provider understands and empathizes with any difficulties you're experiencing and guides you through the process with patience and compassion.

How should I prepare for a psychiatric consultation?

The more information you can provide about yourself, the easier it is for your provider to assess your condition. You should make a list of any medications you're taking now, including herbal remedies, over-the-counter medicines, and supplements, as well as psychiatric medications you may have used in the past.

If there's any family history of psychiatric disorders, that could be useful. There's often a genetic link, and your experience of living with someone who has mental health problems could have a bearing on your current health.

If you've seen a psychiatrist or counselor before or had treatment for a mental health problem in the past, bring a copy of the relevant records or arrange for your previous provider to forward them to the team at IC Health Services.

How does a psychiatric consultation help with my treatment?

A psychiatric consultation is an essential aspect of preparing a suitable treatment plan for you. There aren't any simple lab tests to determine what disorder you have, so diagnosis relies upon your provider having as much information about you as possible.

Your first psychiatric consultation typically forms part of a wider diagnostic evaluation that could involve a series of psychological tests. After reviewing the results and meeting with you, your provider can advise you on what types of talking therapies, medications, and other treatments are most likely to help.

To arrange your psychiatric consultation, call IC Health Services Inc. today, or book an appointment online.